Swing Elite

Swing Elite 11_2022

Class Schedule

6  Week Program

Saturday, November 6,13,20. December 4,11,18

Ages 10+  12-1pm

Cost: $225

Come get your swing ready for the upcoming season with the Swing Elite Program. 

Swing Elite will be a Six (6) week class.

Ages 10-up

Swing Elite is a program designed for hitters ages 10-up. Hitters will be broken up age appropriately.

Swing Elite Class Breakdown

Through comprehensive hitting drills, players will be developing:

Proper stance and position in the batters box

Correct swing mechanics, and bat path

Quick, compact and powerful swings

Hitting inside and outside pitches

An Approach to attacking the breaking ball

Situational hitting (hit and run, advancing runners, hitting in different counts)

Proper bunting technique

Cost for Swing Elite is $225

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