SMaRT Hitting

What Is The SMaRT Hitting System?

SMaRT Hitting System 2023:2024

To put it lightly, it is the MOST comprehensive and in-depth hitting program available today! SMaRT stands for Strength, Mechanics and Reaction Training. These are all of the major focuses a player can expect to train EVERY DAY!

The SMaRT Hitting System is an all encompassing training program designed to take baseball and softball players to the next level. With the SMaRT System, players will incorporate all the latest technology available today. Each Session hitters will train with the Core Velocity belt, overload/underload/shorty training bats, HitTrax, angular velocity pitching machines and Win Reality VR system, Players will ALSO be bio-mechanically evaluated using the KVest and utilize functional movement and strength exercises in the EPI gym. Coach Ryan Copp will be the lead instructor for every training group

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SMaRT Training Explanation

Schedule & Cost Info


Testing Evals will start in Novmber.  Evals are individually scheduled and take roughly 45 minutes



$300 due at Eval, and a payment program can be created here after, or balance can be added to Lightning/Thunder tuitions.

Each time block will be limited to 6 players to keep a 2:1 player/coach ratio.  Last season was completely sold out, so don't (swing and) miss!


SMaRT System breakdown:

The SMaRT System starts off with an individual K-Vest evaluation. From the evaluation, the coaching staff will identify, develop and write a comprehensive individual plan for the player to follow in order to achieve the maximum results over the course of the program. This plan will be presented in a 3-ring binder, which the players will be responsible for bringing EVERY session. In the binder, a player will find a daily plan (routines, drills, stations & training tools used) as well as provide opportunity for players to note training ideals, terminology and explanation for what they trained on that specific day. The binder becomes a blueprint to their swing, it is theirs to keep!

Each training session will incorporate a lesson plan, set up to attack the players deficiencies that were identified in their evaluation. As players progress through the training, more and more tools will be implemented to enhance the players overall development.

The SMaRT Hitting System is a once per week training protocol, meeting for 90 minutes each session. The total program will run for 10 weeks., Each season will retain a 2:1 player to coach ratio to maximize reps, create a competitive training environment while maintaining the ability to be hands on with the training. Each training session will be capped at six players. There are limited blocks available for sign up, and players will be allowed to sign up for multiple sessions if desired.

K-Vest evaluations MUST be completed before the program starts***

What are the Tools Used?

K-Vest - Human movement development - We will breakdown players sequencing, body mechanics, rotation values and postural positions. We will highlight the deficiencies a player may have, as well as identify what players do well with. This is the leadoff to the entire program, it is what we will use to write the players individual development plan. Angular Velocity Pitching Machine - Three wheel pitching machine -set up to work high velocity pitches, breaking balls and pitch locations. The machine will work at extreme angles to train hitters to get on and stay on plane with the pitches. This will be set up WITH the HitTrax to get live feed back.


HitTrax - Player measurement tool - track exit velocity, launch angles, line drive, fly ball, ground ball percentages, barrel consistency , point of contact and spray charts. We will use HitTrax daily to make sure players are continually working towards their goals.


Core Velocity Belt - Training tool used to teach center mass movements - The Belt can teach and strengthen hip mobility and movement patterns that are essential to the swing. The Belt is secured around the player's waist and bunji bands are attached to different points to either assist or resist a certain movement to create a “feel” of what the movements should be.

Overload/Underload and Short Trainers - A Staple in the MVP Program - The heavy and light bats are designed with German weightlifting principles in mind, working with a 20% over/additional weight (Heavy Bat) and 20% underweight (Light Bat). These Bats are designed to work on building both strength and Speed in the swing. The “Shorty” bat is used to create barrel awareness. A fast and powerful bat path is nothing if there is no controlled direction or action. They are designed to be shorter than a standard bat length but weigh the same as to not diminish the feel of the barrel.

Win Reality - The NEWEST, state of the art, training tool exclusively used in the SMaRT System and MVP Hitting Programs! The VR system takes on training in a whole new light. Win Reality allows hitters to see up to 100 live pitches in a matter of minutes. There are multiple different training modules that can be used for every player. This allows us to train for a players specific weaknesses within a game like scenario, something we have NEVER been able to do before! Hitters can work on pitch and location recognition, timing, swing decision and much more, all while facing a variety of pitchers (lefty and righty) at all levels. Win Reality is used by most major collegiate programs and well as more than half of Major League baseball! It is by far the most revolutionary piece of training equipment that has been developed to date.