February Events: 


Baseball Classes

Rookie Skills:

The Edge Academy is pleased to announce the Rookie Skills Combo Class. The class will meet on Monday nights or Wednesday nights. Giving you the opportunity to pick one or both days. Rookie Skills will run 4 weeks.Class will run the week of school vacation.  This class is intended for players 6-9 years old. In each class, players will be taught to develop the correct way to throw, hit and field. Young baseball players need to be coached in the proper and safest way to develop as an athlete. Through progressive skills and drills, our staff will develop these positive habits in the young players. If you have any questions you can always reach us through email at info@edgemaine.com You can use the Monday or Wednesday link to register. 

Baseball Big 3 

Cover ALL your baseball needs with the Baseball Big 3 training program.Baseball Big 3 is a weekly class we will offer on two different days. Classes will meet on Tuesday (5 weeks)  and Thursdays (4 weeks) nights each week (select 1) from 5:00-6:30pm giving you two days to pick from. Class will run the week of school vacation week. Over the month, players will spend equal time each day developing the three most important skills involved in the game: Hitting, Fielding, and Throwing/Pitching. Within each class, players will develop their ability to showcase each of those attributes through specific drill progressions each class. This program is intended for players in Little League (8-12). More info on Baseball Big 3 can be found by using the link here Tuesday  or Thursday 


Swing Elite 

Come get your swing ready for the upcoming season with the Swing Elite Program.  Swing Elite will be a 4 week class. Class will run the week of school vacation. Swing Elite is a program designed for hitters ages 10-up. Hitters will be broken up appropriately by age. Swing Elite Class Breakdown, Through comprehensive hitting drills, players will be developing. Proper stance and position in the batters box, Correct swing mechanics, and bat path.Quick, compact and powerful swings, Hitting inside and outside pitches. An Approach to attacking the breaking ball, Situational hitting (hit and run, advancing runners, hitting in different counts)     Swing Elite 


Starting 9 Vacation Camp

Take your baseball skills to the next level with The Edge Academy's Starting 9 Baseball Camp. The Starting 9 April Vacation Camp is open to players ages 6-13.   Here at the camp, players will be able to develop all 5 tools of the complete baseball player… Speed, Fielding, Batting For Power, Batting for Average, Arm Strength Players will have the opportunity to train with top instructors using the best facilities and training tools available!

Dates: Mon. - Fri. 21st-25th  (School Vacation)  FRIDAY IS HALF DAY FOR ALL CAMPERS

Half Day schedule is 9:00am-12:00pm, Full Day schedule is 9:00am-3:00pm

Half Day        Full Day


Little League Pitching 

Come get ready for the upcoming season with the Little League Pitching Program. LL Pitching will be a four (4) week class. Class will run the week of school vacation.  LL Pitching is a program designed for Pitchers ages 9-12  Pitchers will be broken up appropriately by age. Through comprehensive pitching drills, players will be developing: Proper windup/ stretch, Correct mechanics, Throwing programs Cost for LL pitcher is $180. Little League Pitching 


Game Speed 

Game Speed is designed to put high school players in an environment which is as close to an actual game as possible. This event allows players to take their training to a whole new level! Take all of the hard work, make some adjustments, get professional feedback, and apply it in a game like environment. It will run 6 weeks to prepare players for the upcoming season. We will run class the week of school vacation. Pitchers will increase pitch counts, catchers will increase innings, and hitters will also increase their live at bats as the program gets further along. Players will get immediate feedback every week! They will also have the freedom to try implementing tweaks and adjustments to their game without the repercussions of hurting their team! This is a great opportunity to face some high level competition and see if you measure up to some of our State's best baseball players. 

1 Skill     2 Skill 


Softball Class


Softball Performance Hitting 

The Edge Academy is proud to announce our Softball Performance Hitting program with Nick Caiazzo! Classes will be held on Friday Nights from 6-7pm for ages 10-18 for the month of February, there will be NO CLASS on 2/18/22 due to school vacation. Throughout the three (3) week players will work on, Proper stance and position in the batters box, Correct swing mechanics, Hitting inside and outside pitches, Develop a more compact and powerful swing, Approaches for attacking off speed pitches, Situational hitting.  SB Hitting w/ Nick Caiazzo