MVP Hitting

What Is The M.V.P. Hitting System?

Welcome to the MVP Hitting; The Most Complete System for Developing Elite Hitters! Over the past 10 years, My hitting program has been developed, dissected, evolved and rebuilt to give you the most current, comprehensive and proven system available. This program is 10 weeks long, and I require hitters to train with me for two, one hour sessions per week (20 total hours of training!).

These training sessions can be one-on-one or two-on-one. Training blocks are set up just like regular lessons.



Introduction To MVP Hitting


The MVP Hitting Program

A Quick Rundown of The Entire Program

My 10 Week hitting program first starts by molding the mechanics of your swing to allow for the purest and compact swing you can produce. We will use high definition cameras and 3D imaging to analyze and enhance every aspect of the swing.

This will be done through the HitTrax system.

As we continue to build on the fundamentals of your mechanics, we will introduce the Core Velocity Training belt. This belt is designed specifically to strengthen the core and aid hitters to FEEL the correct firing sequence of a swing. Helping us create that “effortless”, but violent swing.

While the Core Velocity Belt helps develop our core rotational strength, we will also be adding in the overloaded, underloaded, and hand loaded weighted bat training system. These bats are specifically designed to not only strengthen your swing but quicken it as well. Building the bigger stronger muscles and fine-tuning your fast-twitch muscle.

The final step in the MVP Hitting system, and probably the most difficult, is improving your vision and reactions. Through the use of  Strobe Goggles, we will train your eyes, brain, and muscles to work together more efficiently to produce a quicker “swing trigger” from the first sight of the ball to contact. Essentially being able to read and react to pitches much faster.

This is a detail-filled, intense program. For you to commit to the MVP Hitting already shows that you are serious about your swing, and serious about taking it to the next level! You will be required to fill out a Hitters Log during each session for the entire 10 weeks. This is not only to track and show your improvement but serve as a blueprint to your swing! A one of a kind for a training tool for every time you hit!