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Nick Caiazzo
Phone: 207-409-8768

Selected players, please follow the link below to provide player information for a college coaches packet

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Underclass SHOWCASE Game is set for St. Joes College in Standish, ME for Wednesday June 23rd for a NOON game start time.  All players will be at field by 10am for extended on field BP and extended Infield/Outfield.   The game will be a FULL 9 inning game. Roughly 42 of Maine top Underclass players showcasing their baseball abilities.  Players selected will have to wear their HS uniform for the game.  Roster will be finalized by June 17th.

Come join us as it should be a fun day as the "Mr. Baseball" Dr. John Winkin Award that's handed out this evening will be presented to Maine's top SENIOR baseball player at the Underclass Showcase Game on Wed June 23rd at the conclusion of the 6th inning.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 @ St Joe’s College (Standish, ME)

Timeline of the Day’s Events

9:40 AM                      NATIONAL Team meeting with coaches - 3B dugout

9:55 AM                      NATIONAL Team takes BP on Field – everyone is dressed

9:45 AM                      AMERICAN Team meeting with coaches - 1B dugout

10:25 AM                    AMERICAN Team takes BP on Field – everyone is dressed

10:55AM                     Field clean up (Both teams) – Coach Sanborn will facilitate

Drag INF


11:10AM                     NATIONAL Team takes Infield/Outfield

11:30AM                     AMERICAN Team takes Infield/Outfield

11:50AM                     Field Clean-up / Drag INF / Prep Home plate area / Players grab a snack


NOON                        Player Intros (NATIONAL first then AMERICAN players).  Will be announced in order of program with coaches first then top to bottom.  Coaches stay close to home plate!

12:03PM                     National Anthem (Music)

12:05PM                     NATIONAL Team takes the field for First Pitch (full 9 inning; 4 runs/inning)

**For the beginning of the 7th inning we will announce the winner of the “Mr Baseball Award” to Maine top Senior Baseball player at homeplate area.



  • Players make sure you bring a snack and drink as the day is long. Water will be provided in dugouts.
  • Please bring ALL your equipment needs (YOU NEED YOUR SCHOOL UNIFORM TO WEAR FOR GAME and hat) for the game. Players bring game pants, socks, and belt.
  • College coaches will be in attendance, as soon as you get out of your car – look the part, act the part and enjoy the day. Play with enthusiasm!


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