Maine Lightning Program Info

What you need to know!  Maine Lightning Q&A

 High commitment level on the weekends. Winter training from Nov-Mar 1 on Sundays.   Games early spring through the summer on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Cost for the 2023 seasons will vary depending on the age group.

Yes, we will coordinate an automatic monthly deduction after a $500.00 deposit. 

Not presently, but we will provide some fundraising opportunities

A competitive game schedule, top level coaching, winter training, opportunity to develop skill levels, become part of a team with other dedicated players who are serious about the game, and all needed apparel (hat and practice shirt). You become a member of our facility, which gives you discounted rates on lessons and clinics. You also get free cage rentals for the season*

* Due to COVID restrictions, access to the batting cages will be on hold until later notice.  Our apologizes for the inconvenience during this unprecedented time

They are played mostly in Northern New England. Travel rarely exceeds a 2 hr drive. Half of our games are at home in Southern Maine. 

YES! It will occasionally conflict. We shut our schedule down from mid June to mid July at the 10,11,12U levels to eliminate conflicts during all-stars. We are also going to do our best not to schedule Saturday games until Little league is over. Lightning will break during Babe Ruth all-stars for the same reasons. We will also conflict with Legion ball and recommend you communicate with your Legion coach alerting them of your commitment to Maine Lightning Baseball on the weekends. 

The travel baseball we provide will give your boy the best instruction in Maine, the most competitive competition, and unmatched training facilities. 

Yes, but we recommend that you get your boy into the Training Center for some work during the week. We will provide the instruction, and training that all of our players should be receiving. We also understand that families have other things going on throughout the year and will certainly work with them. 

NO! Playing time is not equal. That being said, we will provide playing time for all rostered players every weekend. We believe in giving each player a full game during double headers, not just two innings innings in the field and one at bat!  This policy will be followed to the best of our coaches abilities. Rain outs, mercy rules and forefits are out of the coaches control, and may effect these standords. This may change during the play-offs and outside tournaments. 

Yes, dads who are qualified coaches.  We will only hire professional qualified coaches. The coaches in our program share our mission: To develop skill levels, and incorporate team play as well. Favoritism will not happen! Our dad coaches are well aware that favoritism will not be tolerated. 

Your tuition covers everything except uniforms and fan gear. Some teams may want more games or tournaments? If that is the case, then the additional monies will have to be provided by that team. Money can be raised or paid by each player if that family wants to participate in the extra event(s). 

Absolutely. We will ask for volunteers based on what the particular coach is looking for. Volunteers will be given assignments, and are asked not to instruct players. We appreciate the extra help, it will make the overall experience that much better! 

Yes, but it needs to be done away from the field, or hotel. We will instruct our coaches NOT to communicate with parents during games for anything other than injuries or illness. Please wait at least 24 hours and contact your coach directly. 

Absolutely. We will make the apparel available to each family. Ordering is done through the Edge Academy.



Due to limited roster spots, once an offer has been accepted and a deposit has been paid, NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be processed under any circumstances. The Maine Lightning program reserves the right to switch players on different rosters when applicable.  Maine Lightning is committed to developing elite level players and we expect the same commitment in return from players and families. We thank you for your understanding.