EPI Player Assessments

Our customized program starts off with a 1-on-1 performance, mobility, and strength assessment. With our approach, there is no more guess work and no more one size fits all training program- athletes will have a team of trainers working with them to create a perfect program to meet their needs.

The process begins by taking the athlete through a performance based analysis utilizing K-Vest, HitTrax and Slow Motion video. Once the analysis is completed, we will have a comprehensive video and 3D imaging of an athlete's swing, movement patterns, sequencing, and rotational forces. One of our K-Motion certified instructors will interpret the data to evaluate where an athlete excels and where an athlete needs improvements.

Next, our physical therapist, Ryan Brown will take each athlete through a hands on approach that includes a bio-mechanical analysis of how the body moves and functions to determine what specific muscle imbalances and movement impairments may be leading to dysfunction or limiting athlete performance.  This assessment will identify any physical deficiencies that the athlete needs to address.

Finally, we compile all the individualized data and information to customize a program based on the needs, goals, and training experience of the athlete.

We are one of the ONLY facilities in New England to take state of the art movement screening with K-Motion Baseball, the analytical data created by HitTrax, slow motion video analysis and combine it with biomechanical analysis to create the perfect training platform for our athletes. This is truly the most comprehensive analysis that empowers our trainers and coaches to get your athletes better, faster!