COVID-19 / Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 Update - 3/18/2020 - 10:00am

Good afternoon parents and players,

​As you know we have been closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and we have been adjusting what our policies are to adhere to the recommendations from the CDC.

​At this point, and after much consideration, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to close the doors for The Edge Academy and ALL corresponding businesses until April 1. All prepaid lessons and classes will still be honored when we feel it is appropriate to resume business.

​We will assess and re-evaluate the situation weekly and do our best to stay in communication with you as we receive more information. Please monitor our social media and be on the lookout for email updates.

​Thank you,

​Edge Staff

Updated Monday, March 16th at 7:00pm...

We want everyone to know we are aware and monitoring hourly the situation with the Coronavirus.  After serious consideration in regard to the recent COVID-19 situation involving the Maine Lightning, Maine Thunder and Edge Clientele, we will be implementing the following changes until April 1 (subject to changes).

  • All Maine Lightning and Thunder practices will be suspended until further notice. We will be watching the updates closely and will pick back up when it is safe
  • The Training Center will remain open by appointment ONLY. For example; Lesson and class schedule will remain the same, we will not be allowing cage rental starting March 17th. This will help us do as much as we can due to the social distancing recommendations.
  • Our upcoming monthly classes will be offered in 1-1/ small group form. This will directly reflect the curriculum intended for the regularly scheduled classes (i.e. Big 3).  Other small groups can be up to 3 players, but must be coordinated by the clients. For more information on this please send an email to,
The Edge Academy is taking all necessary precautions to insure all players, coaches, and family’s safety through this uncertain time.  By maintaining clean spaces, wiping down common touched surfaces, we ask you do your part in washing hands, and maintains cleanliness through this time.
As always, we will leave the option to you if you want to come in.  Please let us know ahead of time with any cancellations.
Thank you in advance
Edge Staff